michael harr, mba
study tables

take a shift

If you'd like to volunteer to serve at GED Study Tables, please take a moment to sign up on Shiftboard using the button below.

lead study tables

To lead study tables, it's pretty easy. Here's a quick look at what to do when you come in to lead:
  • Go to the Volunteer Resource Closet located in the Welcome Center
  • Pick-up the lead folder (white for Mon/Wed or green for Tue/Thu), client folders, and pencils
  • Sharpen pencils, as needed | Pencils are kept in the top drawer next to Johnmark's office
  • Take all materials and lay them out on a table in the cafe
  • Work with clients as usual and ask them if they need any additional worksheets
  • Worksheets are available for math, language, science, and social studies

new volunteer education skill set training 

This is a one hour orientation to the education service offerings at the Center that include Academic Solutions Classes and Study Tables. Here are a list of dates and times:
​Wednesday, March 22nd @ 1 p.m. [OPEN]
Tuesday, March 28th @ 1 p.m. [OPEN]
Wednesday, April 19th @ 1 p.m. [OPEN]
Tuesday, April 25th @ 1 p.m. [Michael]
To lead a new volunteer education skill set training, you must shadow a training to familiarize yourself with the process and materials covered. You can download the PowerPoint Presentation and accompanying notes by clicking the buttons below.


All clients should begin their work at study tables with a language lesson plan. Language skills are the most critical of all subjects, as improvement in this area leads to higher test scores across all four subjects.


Virtually all of our clients need the greatest amount of work in the subject of mathematics. Our role at Study Tables is to help clients complete homework from the classroom and provide supplemental work, as needed.


Success on the science portion of the GED test requires clients to possess high language skills and particular skill sets in math. For this reason, clients should pursue the science lesson plans after mastering language.

social studies

The social studies exam requires high language skills combined with a few math skills involving the interpretation of visual data and some statistics. Again, provide these lesson plans only after mastering language.