michael harr, mba
getting started with your cash flow spreadsheet

create a google account

Your cash flow spreadsheet will be shared with you via Google Drive, a free suite of productivity software comparable to Microsoft Office. When you receive an email notifying you that your cash flow spreadsheet is available on Google Drive, you'll need to do the following if you don't already have a Google account:
  1. Open the email notifying you that a file has been shared with you on Google Drive 
  2. Click the document title link that will direct you to Google Drive 
  3. Click the 'Create account' link to setup a Google account with your existing email address
  4. Click the 'I prefer to use my current email address' link
  5. Complete the form and click the 'Next' button

sign into google drive

If you already have a Google account, you can simply sign into Google Drive. To do so, click the button below.

open your cash flow spreadsheet

Once you're signed into your Google Drive account, you can search for your cash flow spreadsheet by typing 'Cash Flow' in the search box near the top of the page.

enable the sort script

When you open your cash flow spreadsheet for the first time, you'll need to enable a script to run. This script has been customized for your cash flow spreadsheet and does three things:
  1. Creates a drop down menu labeled 'Sort' on the main menu bar.
  2. Creates a 'Bank Sort' option that will sort your cash flow forecast by ascending Date, descending Cash In, and descending Cash Out. In short, this sorts your cash flow forecast in the same way banks sort your transaction history.
  3. Creates a 'Payee/Payor Sort' option that will sort your cash flow forecast by ascending Payee/Payor and ascending Date. This is used when editing and deleting recurring transactions.
If a window does not appear to enable the script, you may need to install the script manually (this is extremely rare). You can read more about the script and how to install it here.

bookmark your cash flow spreadsheet

Since you'll be using your cash flow spreadsheet on a regular basis, go ahead and bookmark the file. Here's how to bookmark your cash flow spreadsheet:
  1. With the document open, click the star icon on the right side of the address bar in Google Chrome.
  2. Name your bookmark - 'Cash Flow' is just fine
  3. Add it to the bookmarks bar
If your bookmarks bar isn't showing, click the settings icon (three horizontal bars in the top-right of your browser window), hover over 'Bookmarks', and be sure 'Show bookmarks bar' is checked.

comments, questions, and suggestions

‚ÄčIf you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please use the form below to email me directly. I reply to most emails within one business day.