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financial planning

what is financial planning?

Financial planning is nothing more than the process of identifying the steps you need to take to accomplish your financial goals. It can be complicated at times, and that's why professional financial planners exist - to help you sort out what to do and how to get things done right.

why financial planning matters

Going through life without financial planning will result in a far less than ideal standard of living - especially during retirement. Alternatively, even a small amount of work dedicated to the right aspects of your finances will lead to dramatically better results. When you engage in the financial planning process, you improve the quality of your life - and it takes a lot less effort than you might imagine.

how financial planning works

The financial planning process is very simple and can be broken down into three steps that are repeated until all your financial goals have been achieved. These steps are:
  1. Assessment - In this first step, we examine all aspects of your financial position, identifying strengths and weaknesses, to create a prioritized list of goals.
  2. Planning - Using your prioritized goals list, we create a financial plan that will help you achieve your most important goal.
  3. Action - With a plan in place, we will set about taking the action steps needed until your goal is accomplished.

what financial planning costs

Typical financial planners wear suits, work exclusively with wealthy people, and charge $150 to $250 per hour. This system is great for the very small percentage of households earning $200,000/year with a million dollar net worth, but what about normal folks? It's simply too expensive.

Using a variety of leading technologies, including cloud computing, web conferencing, and an in-house web application, I am able to work with clients for just $19.95/month - providing a year's worth of service for what some financial planners charge for an hour in their office. 

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