michael harr, mba
your cash flow spreadsheet
for the middle class, cash flow management makes the difference between wealth and poverty

the big picture

The single most important financial skill you can develop in your lifetime is cash flow management. When you thoughtfully plan your income and expenses you will be able to achieve all of your most important financial goals. Before you can get out of debt, save for a rainy day, or fund a comfortable retirement, you must master the skill of cash flow management.

To that end, I have shared a cash flow management spreadsheet with you via Google Drive. This spreadsheet is a powerful tool that will enable you to clearly plan and manage your income and expenses in the weeks, months, and years to come. And, thanks to some clever coding, this spreadsheet is incredibly simple to use, requiring only a few minutes of your time each week to update.

how to use your cash flow spreadsheet

If you know how to use a spreadsheet even a little bit, using your cash flow spreadsheet will be a piece of cake. Also, your cash flow spreadsheet includes a very important add-on that creates a 'Sort' menu. This add-on is invaluable and will save you a ton of time. What follows is everything you need to know to use this simple spreadsheet.

comments, questions, and suggestions

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