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Cincinnati Aruna Run 5K
by Michael J. Harr, MBA on April 18th, 2015

I was his guy.  Today, after my friend bailed, I set a new goal to run a PR for this 5K race.  At the starting line, I sized up a few possible candidates to run with and this African-American man looked like a good one.  He was in very good shape, and looked like a seasoned runner.

After losing him somewhere in the mess that is the start of all races, I didn't see him again and set my sights on other runners in front of me.  I paced with one guy for a half mile, passed him.  Paced with a woman for another half mile, passed her.  Finally came up to a guy that was running really strong and stayed with him.

The goal at about 2.5 miles was to hang with him and pass him if I had anything left in the tank at the finish.  We came down stride for stride in the closing quarter mile, and my 'go' song kicked on (Ellie Goulding's song, Burn).  Tracked him down and beat him to the finish.

And, just as I was crossing, I saw someone pass me.  It was that super fit African-American man I saw at the starting corral.  

He came up afterward, and we chatted for a bit.  As it turns out, I was his guy.  I was the guy he was tracking, and I was the guy he was hoping to beat.

As he told it, he thought he'd lost me after the first mile, but seeing me when I stopped for water (still haven't mastered running and drinking at the same time), he said he thought he'd have a chance to catch up.  He did, and he nipped me at the finish.

This was the first time I was someone else's 'guy' - and that's some exciting stuff.

Next week, I'll see if I can beat 8:30 at the Dogwood Dash, and with a little luck and a lot of training, I'd love to run 5K's in the sub-8:00.
Race stats.  Distance 3.19 miles | Time 27:17 | Pace 8:33 | New PR

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